Does CES Matter?

More marketers than ever before attend the world’s largest consumer electronics show, best known as CES. This “tradeshow” has reached new heights of importance among an unlikely group of attendees, from non-electronic focused brands, to advertisers, creatives and media folks alike. The event has reached the same level of must attend status as that of Cannes, 4As and ANA conferences, but why do we all go? Marketers need to understand how people will live and CES is a great way to get a look into the near and distant future, but the frenzy may also just be a severe case of FOMO.

Jane Lacher helped us kick off 2017 with a lively discussion around CES highlights and hot buttons on January 12th at Zenith Media.   

There are as many different reasons for attending CES as there are electronic toothbrushes at the LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center). Attendees heard distinctly different perspectives on why we attend CES and most importantly what our panelists took away from their stay on the strip. 

Moderator: Jane Lacher, EVP Digital Strategy, Zenith coordinated a dynamic group of experts who provided the insights we need for 2017 and answer the questions that come with new technology and tools.

Karna Crawford - SVP Marketing Strategy, Media and Digital, Chase 

Kristina Hahn - Head of Americas Partnerships Solutions and Innovation at Google

Helen Lin –President of Digital Investment, Publicis

Kate Metzinger- Director Media and Marketing Technology at Georgia-Pacific

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Happy New Year!

A special thank you to Laura Schroff for sharing her Invisible Thread story in person, so beautiful and inspiring! Laura touched on so many insights, not the least of which is to follow your passion.  And during the holiday season, more than ever, be open to the beautiful angels revealing themselves all around us. Thanks to all of you who came out to meet Laura and toast the season. Have a joyous holiday and successful 2017!


Women Who Lead
The recognition and educational luncheon celebrating women who have blazed
trails and who are making significant impact in the media industry.


Keynote Speaker  Madonna Badger,Chief Creative Officer at Badger & Winters post luncheon interview with AWM NYC Affiliate Team

Honorees include:
Jennifer Caserta, President at IFC
Abby Greensfelder, Co-CEO and Executive Producer at Half Yard Productions
Kim Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cox Media Group and President of Cox Reps
Catherine L. Hughes, Chairperson and Founder of Radio One, Inc.
Paula A. Kerger, President and Chief Executive Officer of PBS
Karen Leever, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Digital Media of Discovery
Ellen Levine, Editorial Director of Hearst Magazines

Future Media Leader Scholar

Rae Keyser/Marymount Manhattan College

Rae, who is currently studying Communications and Graphic Design, was awarded her scholarship on October 4, 2016.
Her passion for art and media has led her pursue a career in advertising and design.
She has crafted her creative strengths by working multiple different internship positions at companies such as Atlantic Records, Sony Music
Entertainment, The String Theory, among others. Rae believes that through unique design and
film solutions she can produce content that is appealing on a mass scale for advertisers.
Congratulations to Rae and we welcome her to the Alliance for Women in Media, NYC Affiliate.


Enhancing Careers in Broadcasting, Cable & Digital Media

The Alliance for Women in Media, NYC Affiliate is a professional organization dedicated to women in the field of media in the Greater New York area with an emphasis on peer-to-peer experiences. Through unique events and programming, AWMNYC provides its members the opportunity to make connections both personal and professional who inspire as well as educate. We welcome members that are interested in making authentic connections, sharing their experiences and have a desire to develop themselves professionally.

AWMNYC not only educates, inspires and develops top shelf professionals, but fosters strong business connections and relationships which translate into business opportunities for their employers and their clients. AWMNYC can assist you in your personal and professional development by providing relevant and meaningful relationships and experience for professional women in media.  Join today for the member price of $50 and enjoy discounts to events and invitations to special member only evenings.

Thanks for Attending another Great Event

“Data is a loaded term… and your definition likely depends on where in the media industry you’re sitting. And for some of us, that was a seat far, far away: ask anyone in media, advertising and entertainment and most will tell you they wanted to do something creative. Numbers? Research? Analytics? No thanks! But “data” is no longer just numbers, and to succeed in today’s media landscape understanding and leveraging data must be part of your job, even when it’s not. Because in what has become the ultimate Darwinian twist, "Data is driving creativity.“

A special thanks to our wonderful panel who not only know how to extract insights from mounds of data, but know how to seperate information versus true insights. 

Ashley Boyce, US Brand Manager, Unilever

Alison Gragnano, Executive Creative Director,Ogilvy

Lynn Pine, VP Brand Partnerships at POPSUGAR

And Panel Moderator Jennifer Villani, The Story Lab were all fabulous!

A special thanks to Lynn Pine, VP Brand Partnerships at POPSUGAR for providing POPSUGAR "Must Have" Boxes and Lisa Sugar's latest book for everyone who attended.

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